Video resumen de las XIV Jornadas

Comenzamos el año con el video resumen de las XIV Jornadas de Dirección de Proyectos

Videoresumen XIV Jornada

Saludos de la Junta Directiva de PMI Valencia Spain Chapter

pmNetwork7 Steps to Stronger Relationships with Your Sponsor

The sponsor and the project manager hold the project family together. The sponsor represents the interests of the organization and all the stakeholders. You speak for the project team. These tips—heavily leaning toward better communication—will help you cement the bond. Read the full story.



pulseOfTheProfessionRequirements management — a core competency for success

Our new Pulse of the Profession® in-depth report finds that 47% of unsuccessful projects fail to meet goals due to poor requirements management. The problem is multi-faceted, tied to a lack of focus on people, processes and culture. Learn more about the struggles faced by organizations and the way forward in our latest Pulse report.



projectProject Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling — 11th Edition

This essential guide for project management by Harold R. Kerzner includes updated and new content on measuring project management ROI and project management’s value to stakeholders, plus improved alignment with the PMBOK® Guide and support to those preparing for the PMP® certification exam.